With many years in the industry we are a brand that has built loyalty in a ever changing market. Our dedicated team are specialist in providing bespoke round the clock service. Whether you require tickets to the latest show, a luxury spa experience winding down or a all inclusive getaway for the family in the most exclusive and amazing destinations, our in house experts are here to guide. The best thing about memories is making them, and we can’t wait to help make it happen.     


Clear Lifestyle’s key element has always been travel. Our experts have managed to extend their network globally to find the worlds best destinations and experiences which they can offer to clients in bespoke packages.   

  • Flights & Accommodation 
  • Luxury Car Hire- Self & Chauffeur driven 
  • Private Tour Packages
  • Hotel Transfers 
  • Luxury Cruise Bookings


In a world where being present at key events have become much harder to achieve, our experts have managed to be a part of the wider entertainment world globally. With tickets to the most exclusive events, we aim to send our clients to nights they would not want to forget.   

  • Theatre Reservations 
  • Sporting Event Tickets 
  • Show/Concert Tickets 
  • Exclusive Entry to Bars & Clubs


Here at Clear Lifestyle, the team are aware of how busy our daily lives can get. Our experts have connections to a range of establishments that help reduce stress and increase interactions. 

  • Attraction Tickets & Packages
  • Group Tours & Travel Guides 
  • Adventure & Activity Breaks
  • Supercar Hire

Personal Shopping

Our personal shopping service helps relive our clients of any stress or inconvenience. Our experts have great relationships with key high luxury brands and their main aim is to provide a relaxing experience for all. 

  • Sourcing Luxury Goods
  • International Shipping & Delivery 
  • Travel and Shopping Guidance 

Beauty and Wellbeing

Indulging in luxury treatments helps to restore balance mentality and physically. We can arrange the best treatments and therapies from the most luxurious spas to help eliminate stress and restore peace and tranquillity.   

  • Wellness Treatments
  • Spa Treatments 
  • Beauty Consultations


At Clear Lifestyle your clinical care is our priority. Our dedicated experts provide our clients with support for all their medical needs through our exclusive list of top facilities.  

  • Medical Specialist Search 
  • Medical Consultation Arrangements 
  • Dental Treatments 
  • Exclusive Cosmetic Treatments 


With connections with the finest restaurants and staff agencies around, we are able to provide easy and trustworthy arrangements for all needs.  

  • Restaurant Bookings
  • Staff Hire 
  • Hospitality Services 
  • Private Security 
  • Event Management


Our educational service helps to provide comfort for students who are new to the system. Our experts ensure a smooth transition for all.   

  • International University Applications 
  • English Language Courses
  • Educational Summer Camps 
  • Student Accommodation

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