Financial Services

Why settle for ordinary when our bespoke financial services deliver extraordinary? 


This is wealth management redefined. Our mission is simple: help ultra-high net worth individuals achieve their definition of financial success. Whether you want to grow your business empire, fund a luxury lifestyle, or secure a legacy for your family, our expert financial consultants create personalised solutions that make it happen. Leverage our network of exclusive opportunities only accessible to elite clients.


  • Working with Saffery Trust Geneva, a fully owned subsidiary of Saffery UK, Chartered Accountants (probably 10 largest in the UK)
  • Succession Planning
  • Philanthropy
  • Tax Services
  • Alternate Structures
  • Digital assets and Cryptocurrency
  • Yacht Management
Opening Bank Accounts
  • Have access to a few Private Banks, some owner owned, Swiss Banks who will welcome UK resident and non-resident individuals and corporates to bank with them.
  • Opening Bank accounts in the UK has become more and more difficult due to UK legislation. Swiss banks are more reasonable and will work with you to ensure the client has an easier passage when onboarding a new client.
  • Residential mortgages
  • Commercial mortgages
  • The individual need not have income in the UK or need not be a UK resident to be eligible to borrow.
  • Commercial lending
Family Office
  • Investment funds that manage the financial assets of a family, with more flexibility towards the needs of their sole principal.
  • The banks has their own platforms and will offer advisory and discretionary portfolios, depending upon the risk of the client 
    • Real Estate investments